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May 13, 2020 4:13 AM
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This gets to the heart of our agreement (and the next one about virtues becoming vices). If EBM contributes rigor to thinking, great. I’d push back a little and say I see greater rigor in Bayesian updating than in p value worship practiced by some EBMers

Jonathan Fuller (@JonathanJFuller):
My main point was to describe different virtues, attitudes and strategies in epidemiology. 6/

And more rigor in causally sophisticated analysis of observational (and RCT) data than in a naive view that randomization cures all ills (@LauraBBalzer pointed this out in initial discussion of @JonathanJFuller s piece).

Those who take observ data seriously are often more rigorous on questions of external validity. So I’d say we should all vote for rigor and see EBM as a set of heuristics that sometimes are rigorous and sometimes limit clear thought. All this related but diff from articles