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Apr 11, 2020 1:56 PM
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The USA has 6 times as many COVID-19 cases as Australia & New Zealand per person–despite their proximity to China. (NZ has had just 4 deaths). All 3 countries have shut down businesses & done social-distancing. AUS schools are open. USA & NZ’s are closed. So, why the difference? https://t.co/41lZtL114t
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As far as I can tell, the difference between AUS/NZ and USA success comes down to testing. Positive test rate is 19% in USA vs 2% in NZ/AUS. Testing per capita is twice as high in NZ/AUS. Also, both appear to be doing contact-tracing much better than USA.

The best explanation I’ve heard from virologists about why SARSCov2 spreads more quickly than other viruses has to do with asymptomatic transmission. This suggests that we can eliminate the virus’s main weapon with testing & (quarantine if needed) of asymptomatic people.

The need for asymptomatic testing is the main reason why @paulmromer’s plan for a massive scale up in testing is the most compelling approach I’ve come across of how to win the war, while minimizing self-inflicted damage. https://t.co/IsOisORaJr